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November 16th 2016

Via Conf Call


Call in # 641-715-3580

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New Rule Proposal

Day Money

11. Day money will be available to each MRA rodeo that has 2 or more performances at a fee of $5 per event entered .


2. All $5 will go back to the contestants.


3. Designated slack will be a separate performance of the day. (see definition of slack on page #9 of MRA Rulebook)


4. No day money will be paid at Finals.


5. No day money winnings will be included into point system


Cody N MM/Scott 2nd this. Motion Carried. This will be put in print for 30 days.




New Rule Proposal: would be added to Page 33 – BEFORE Barriers – New header:



 1. Scoreline Lengths. All scoreline lengths are to be set by the Judges and/or the Arena Director, in accordance with the Official Rodeo Rules, unless otherwise approved at time of rodeo approval. In all cases, scoreline lengths of 18 feet or more must be approved at time of rodeo approval. The Event Representative or stock contractor, may prior to the start of the initial competition stock draw at a given rodeo, approve the lengthening or shortening of the scoreline  as conditions allow.  Once the scoreline has been set, it shall not be changed at that rodeo, nor shall the length of the box be changed.

 2. Tie-down Roping/Over 40/Breakaway -In the tie-down roping, Over 40 Calf Roping and Breakaway Roping, at indoor rodeos, the length of score will be the length of the box minus 3 feet. The minimum length of score at outdoor rodeos will be the length of the roping box minus 2 feet.

3. Steer Wrestling. In steer wrestling, at all rodeos, the score may be no longer than the length of the steer wrestling box minus five-and-a-half feet in the case of a steer wrestling box which is less than or equal to eighteen feet, or minus six feet in the case of a steer wrestling box which is greater than eighteen feet.

4. Team Roping. The minimum length of the team roping scoreline shall be the length of the box minus 2 feet.



New Rule Proposal, Barriers, Page 34


Automatic Barrier must be used in Team Roping, Calf Roping, Over 40 Calf Roping, Steer Wrestling and Breakaway Roping


We would remove Team Roping Rule #6 on page 42.

We would remove Calf Roping Rule #9 on page 41.

We would remove Steer Wrestling Rule #2 on page 45.   








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